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We are on a mission to bring the finest cannabis products to market in a responsible and professional environment.

We are passionate about creating next generation retail experiences and products. As the modern cannabis consumer evolves, new and innovative categories of products and retail strategies are essential to meet the demands of more sophisticated cannabis consumers. Our experienced team creates products tailored to this expanding and evolving market and develops innovative retail strategies to deliver the most pure and consistency products and achieve brand and consumer loyalty.

CannDevCo’s house of brands

CannDevCo’s portfolio of market leading brands serves all cannabis customers, ranging from sophisticated connoisseurs to those who are relatively new to the plant. While our brands are custom tailored to individual needs and tastes they all have in common an uncompromising drive for quality, consistency and freshness that mean our customers can be confident they are getting the ideal product at the best value.


Rizxen is our flagship line of cannabis retail dispensaries offering a high end consumer in-store and delivery experience with the most knowledgeable budtenders and the broadest array of cannabis products. These stores serve as a mecca for both sophisticated and novice cannabis consumers and offer a range of product education opportunities.

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Whitney’s is a chain of cannabis retail dispensaries, a monthly subscription service and a line of consumer cannabis products - all focused on the needs and interests of women. Run and staffed primarily by friendly and experienced female cannabis industry veterans, this leading niche brand offers an open and welcoming environment for women and men alike and introduces innovative products including a full line of cannabis-inspired cosmetics, light beverages, and consumables designed for sophisticated tastes.

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The people need their weed and they don’t want to overpay for it. ErbHut is a chain of retail cannabis dispensaries and delivery platform that delivers the freshest weed to knowing consumers who expect a lot for a little. Our stores, focused on delivering the freshest flower and choicest edibles at market leading value, may not be the most fancy but deliver the goods every time. ErbHut dispensaries feature our excellent Fat1Z pre-rolls and FreshFyre flower - both brought to market within ideal freshness windows.

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Neptune Healing Center

Our mission at Neptune Healing Center is to operate a retail cannabis dispensary in the Borough of Neptune City, which will provide high quality cannabis products for medical and therapeutic use, as well as responsible adult recreational consumption, and promote a holistic approach to healing and living.

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At FreshFyreTM , our mission is to deliver the freshest cannabis flower and pre-rolled products in the marketplace. We work directly with cultivators to deliver clean and potent cannabis directly to your shelf or home. We treat cannabis like a fine wine or whiskey, working with our growers to determine optimal cure periods and ideal consumption windows. All our products come with our trademark FreshDate - ideal consumption guidelines and timing recommendations.

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Our mission is to get you the absolute highest quality weed and the fattest possible joints. Our fat rolled joints give a better hit because more surface area is exposed so you're actually smoking more in a toke as more weed is burned. Our flower is fire, come check us out.

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Social Equity and Community Reinvestment

From our inception we have had a mission to do right by the communities that support us. This includes both giving back to those communities and actively supporting programs that promote the involvement of those impacted by the War on Drugs in the cannabis industry. Our community education, conviction expungement, and social equity business incubation programs are designed to meet these objectives.


The CannDevCo team has significant legislative experience. Our officers have helped draft major pieces of federal and state legislation. As consultants we assist cities, states and nations in understanding and implementing cannabis legislation. We work with nations from Asia to Europe developing legalization strategies. In the U.S., we help cities and states implement social equity and public interest policies.

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Education is central to what we do. Each of our RizXen, Whitney’s and ErbHut locations offer cannabis education programs for our in-house budtender staff, community and customers. We offer high level education programs for sophisticated consumers as well as basic introductory programs. We offer education tailored to the needs of first responders including police and paramedics. We also offer programs introducing the plant to veterans and seniors (both of whom also receive discounts). We also donate without attribution to third party and school-based abstinence programs focused on adolescents


We look for potential teammates who are passionate about cannabis and want to do well by doing good. If you have a sincere interest in the benefits of the plant and want to work in an environment where giving back to the community is a first order priority, stop by your local shop or call us for more information.

If interested in a career send your information to